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Fraser Reid were brought on board to help improve the existing ground floor layout which saw typical segregated rooms that the family had outgrown.
The proposal saw the removal of the entire rear stone wall to the main part of the house. This allowed the dining and kitchen areas to be opened up into one functional and flowing room. A small WC was also fitted without compromising the space. The addition of new bi fold doors created a closer junction with the garden that was used frequently by the children. The rear roof was completely replaced allowing the thermal performance of the house to be greatly improved. The roof replacement allowed for a statement rooflight to be incorporated that pushes the natural light right to the back of the room.
Living requirements have changed dramatically over the years and opening up spaces is a common request. The kitchen is quite often called the hub of the home. Creating an open plan space allows for better family time, nicer socialising and generally greater natural light penetration into the home. 
Completed 2016



Fraser Reid Design Ltd - Registry Number 133788C
Registered Address - Flat 2, 21 Demesne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3DZ
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